Monday, December 21, 2015

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rough days in life
I came home
Hard day is over
I didn't even know
What the date was yesterday
Until I looked more closely
At calendar
I was shocked
Terribly upset
I looked back in time
What happen yesterday?
It’s our anniversary day
As a man
With all of other duty
With all of other madness
I forget that important day
Preparation and barrelling
Along in life for get rid over
Rough days in life
Make me forget
Such a beautiful thing
About the very first day
I met her
I know she is very hurt
She is terribly upset too
People tend to forget many things
When they tend to have pressure
I am in a place to apologized from her
The best way to heal our broken heart is
Let wish each other happy anniversary
And whatever, however busy
We have to celebrate
The day we meet each other
I Promise you
To for make plan in place
That helps me regain some balance in my life
For remember
All the special moments and days with you
When you stand with flowers
To greet me I was had nothing?
I know Thing that most hurt you is not that
You didn't go out or
I didn't buy anything
But because of I forgot
Special day
I don’t mean to do it
Please forgave me
Happy anniversary
O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2015/June
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2015/June

Dedicated one that I love ‘n…a’ and for the couple has been face similar episode in their world